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Wood curve studs

Wood curve studs

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Wood curve studs, simple classic round soft curve earring with a flat back to sit nicely on the ear lobe.  These earrings come with a large sterling silver friction back to offer the support to any lobe to wear these earring beautifully.  

Image with just earrings are in sterling silver with rosewood inlay.

Image with earring on are with leopardwood. 

These earrings are also available in limestone inlay or 23kt gold leaf.

 Approximately 13.5 mm 


Leopardwood shown in image of earrings being worn


South America, Chile, Brazil

The Tree

Grows up to 150 feet with a trunk diameter of up to 4 feet.


Leopardwood is a reddish brown species with an unusual graining pattern which consists of a multitude of "eyes". Leopardwood offers a medium degree of color range from lighter tan/browns through to darker browns. Leopardwood undergoes a slight muting of the color range found when fresh milled and will darken slightly over time to a medium orangey brown.

Leopardwood (Lacewood)'

Wood Origin: Australia

Gender Association: Both masculine and feminine

Elemental Association: Water

Magical properties:

Leopardwood is very useful in divination, especially obtaining news from afar. It is also associated with positive luck. 

Rose wood image of just earrings

Rosewood (Bolivian)'

Wood Origin: Bolivia

Gender Association: Feminine

Elemental Association: Spirit, Fire

Magical properties:

This wood's energy is primarily feminine, and focused on spiritual, intuitive health and beauty. Bolivian Rosewood is motherly, spiritual, and nourishing. It lends a boost to intuitive thought and feeling, and is thus excellent in divination and scrying. A healing wood, rosewood can be used in all healing rituals but is especially effective in spiritual healing. In matters dealing with beauty, rosewood can be very effective. Carried or worn as a charm, this wood will enhance female beauty and feminine grace. 

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