By appointment only:
To set up an appointment
please call 613 888 6309
or email zealmetaldesigns@gmail.com  
and I will be happy to arrange a day and time that suits you.  We can either meet at my location, yours or an agreed upon location or an online zoom for a video one on one consultation.

 ZEALmetal | Nicole Horlor has been handcrafting jewellery for over 20 years and is located in Kingston Ontario, Mainly working from an online presence, but also available for private consultations and commission work.  

At my online studio you will find examples of Canadian handmade custom jewellery, along with uniquely designed handcrafted ready to wear jewellery lines made in sterling silver, 14kt gold, 18kt gold in a full range of yellow gold, white gold, palladium white gold, red gold, green gold, and platinum.  Along with beautiful precious and semi-precious stones, Canadian diamonds, Coloured diamonds,  Sapphires, Tourmalines, Aquamarines, Emeralds, Rubys, pearls  and many more.  This site is just a sample of possibilities which may be tailored and handcrafted just for    Y O U. 
It describes so perfectly how I feel about what I do.
ZEAL: great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective
passion, fervor, zeal, vehemence, intensity, verve, fire, emotion;     enthusiasm, eagerness, avidity, gusto, keenness, dedication

 N i c o l e  H o r l o r - zealmetaldesigns@gmail.com - 613-888-6309