Collection: Organically You

This is a line inspired by living in the present moment free of image making, staying present and true moving with, through, in and as AWARENESS.  The power of Now is the power of YOU!  Letting go of what was to be fully present to what IS. 

Soft flowing organic carved jewels inspired by water, water worn pebbles, flow, softness, formless unstructured beauty. 


 *All items may not be in stock, but can be made to order and can be shipped to you in approximately 2-6 weeks. Most items are made to order just for YOU!  Please do check in though I do have quite a few items in stock and can also discuss with you a time frame if your gift needs to be created. 

T h a n k  y o u for thinking of ZEALmetal for your special occasions! 


Available to be tailored to you in white, red, yellow, green or palladium white gold, platinum, and two tone. 

For a quote in your size, width, stone size/quantity, and metal preference please contact

N i c o l e  H o r l o r