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Will you let the light out?

Will you let the light out?

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Metalpoint Mandala WILL YOU LET THE LIGHT OUT. drawn in Platinum, 22kt yellow gold, 18kt red gold, and silver. 

Some of the dot's within the bolted metal shine blue.  

Professionally framed with non-reflective glass Measuring Roughly 22"x25" 


Heart Mandala

This started with just a flash of it which i just jotted down in my notebook.  It took some time to do  it was a very gradual piece. I only had this to start with, that it would be a mandala  with the centring on the Heart as a symbol, the extended light and the two rows, the bolted metal and the vines and thorns.  These symbols what we do when we are hardened by our own judged experiences in life.  One saying I have always liked is when your mind feels taken over by the past and the future go to your heart, presence, awareness, and rest there.  You are made of love, you are love, and this symbol fills your whole body with its rich red blood. If you can go there and just breath and feel every inch of your  body soften this will bring you to your truth.  Out of all this the trueness of who we are never changes it is always there ever present.  We like the lotus can bloom in any condition and through all conditioning, in our world, true perception can be seen and the unlimited revealed.  The key is love through pure awareness and presence. 

This was my first drawing on black gesso.  The image was drawn on an uneven paper,  I was not thinking of it at the time.  There was just a need to do it. Gallery Raymond did a great job in positioning and frame with this one!  

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