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Victoria and Zoë

Victoria and Zoë

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A lovely client who always knows what she likes, and orders from my website  emailed looking to purchase a pink pearl wrap bracelet, with 18kt gold clasp and aquamarine toggle.  I had sold the one I had in stock to another lovely client and was excited about the commission but slight anxiety arose on getting what I needed for the project, but I was able to let that go and open to some confidence that it would all come together. I happened to see a share with Janis Kerman an amazing talented goldsmith/business woman, and I decided to reach out to her for some advice and guidance on this piece and it was magical!  She had the stone I needed and was able to direct me to a source for these beautiful pearls.

So grateful for the commission, for support, and guidance, and bringing a little  more beauty into this world! 

Thank you Victoria and Zoë,  and thank you so much Janis!

The bracelet was further tailored to a double strand bracelet. 

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