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Sister's presence cherished and shared

Sister's presence cherished and shared

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This is a pendant I just finished in 18kt yellow gold for a lovely friend/ client and I love it's story.  She is moving to be closer with family and through packing and organizing she came upon this smokey quarts that her sister had given to her years ago.  Last year her sister passed from Covid which I can only imagine how heart breaking it was.  Coming upon the stone came the stories and the joy of times passed and how she became the owner of this stone, which has seen some wear from being tumbled around in drawers, her sister's, and her own. 

As I was making the pendant I just thought what a beautiful way to remember her sister, and to share those memories with those like her new granddaughter who will not get the chance to know her.  It is such a bold piece her granddaughter is sure to ask, touch, and be interested in as it is being worn, and instead of sharing the passing of her sister she will have the opportunity to share the story of the stone and the connected stories that flow around and with it, on the fun they enjoyed together. It will be a piece passed on to her daughter and probably even passed on to her granddaughter that is the beauty of jewellery. 

Thank you Poh-Gek for getting the chance to know you, consider you a lovley friend, and create beautiful pieces for you.

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