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Shane and Sonja

Shane and Sonja

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Bespoke engagement ring ~


14KT white gold


Round brilliant cut diamonds

Shane new Sonja like my work and would appreciate a local handmade ring and through spending some time on my website getting inspired by the ZEALmetal designs Sonja said wouldn't it be nice if you took the leaf and vine band and added the planish bezel to that for an engagement ring.  Well Shane brought the idea to me and we created Sonja her ring!

Thank you Sonja for enjoying the jewels I have created, and inspiring Shane to come to me for your truly meaningful handmade engagement ring. 

I'm grateful they sent this image along as I have been unable to find the images of the ring I took before going on holiday's ______________________________________________________________

Shane and Sonja's email:

Hi Nicole,

We just got back from vacation and everything went as planned 😊 Sonja loved the ring! 
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