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Oval amethyst stacker

Oval amethyst stacker

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Oval amethyst stacker ~ 4 x 6 mm oval facetted amethyst in sterling silver polished bezel with 2.6 mm square wire band, matte finish.

Amethyst crystal emanates purifying, transmutational qualities perfect for these trying times. Whether we use the crystal to cleanse our four energetic bodies or to improve the energy of others or the environment around us, Amethyst can help better our health and well-being in so many ways.  For example, Amethyst worn over the heart helps to release and transmute negative emotional holding and to re-align and strengthen the chakra system. It helps the heart chakra to be more open and flowing, the mental energy to feel less burdened, the energy field as a whole to function more flowingly.  Wearing Amethyst or carrying this crystal in a pocket or pouch strengthens the human energy field and absorbs negative energy that is accumulated as we move about our everyday lives. 


Available in Platinum, 18kt or 14kt  red, white, yellow, green gold or a mix and the addition of diamonds would definitely add to its beauty! 

For a quote in your size, metal, and possible stone choice, please contact

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