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New beginnings

Commission ring allowing an old diamond to shine ✨ this design transformed during the making and “new beginnings” was birthed!

Using Organically you as the main element and then tailoring the ring with a yellow gold wave in lay planished for a sparkle and texture agains the matte base ring with two small handcut leaves and the diamond symbolizing the bud light of life ever fresh, ever new!

Custom ring re-working Liliana’s gold and diamond and adding Organically you sterling silver band to create a tailored organically you ring.  Removal of stones, melting forging rolling shaping, fitting and soldering yellow gold into a sterling silver organically you 12mm wide band with accent carving, creating two handcut leaves in yellow gold and soldering them on, Planishing gold wave inlay, seating and setting Liliana’s 3mm round diamond in a size 6.5