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Möbius strength stacker

Möbius strength stacker

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Möbius strength stacker ~ no matter the w a v e ~ one is - Stronger than...  because as we know the challenges don't disappear but how we see can change... I also like the word Resilience!

Great rings to personalize and add engraving as wedding bands, friendship rings, family ring stackers...

Sterling silver 3mm x 1.5mm 

Stronger than ~ planished band surface with matte twist edge.

Resilience ~ matte band surface with planished twist edge. 

In-stock size 9, matte finish with high polish edges.


Available in Platinum, 18kt or 14kt  red, white, yellow, green gold or a mix and the addition of diamonds would definitely add to its beauty! 

For a quote in your size, metal, and possible stone choice, please contact

N i c o l e  H o r l o r



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