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Iceberg twist

Iceberg twist

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Iceberg twist ~ Sterling silver twist earrings with matte and high polish finish, unique keshi pearl drops that to me look like little icebergs... 

Approx. 35mm long x 7mm wide


Keshi pearls are the rarest type of baroque pearls. The mollusk rejects part of the seed, but the pearl continues to develop from there. This is why they do not have a center particle. They are mainly composed of nacre and appear to be elongated and have an extraordinary luster. They are the most appreciated baroque pearls on the jewelry market.

Pearl powder can zen you out. Known as a powerful Shen (spirit) stabilizer, it supports mood stability with its soothing and calming nature. Its spirit-building capabilities can help to relieve the uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety and tension associated with occasional stress, leaving you cool, calm and collected.

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