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I Am a Magnet for ...

$ 110.00

Handcrafted with care, I Am a magnet for ... Sterling silver magnet sculpture with matte and high polish finish. 

On 16" fine cable chain. 

Available on its own or with a stone or pearl 

Most often this is not something we consciously think about, yet we blurt it out all day long.  I am ..... what is coming after? 

The truth is it is always pointing to what one is not, because everything which is said is coming and going, that which One is, is not. This is ones perfection, the fact that one IS, and this isness is ones gift to life, anything that follows is pure icing. Worthiness is in the isness. 

But it is in these experiences that one gets to be.... 

Taping into the knowing of ones truth can never be captured in a word but can be pointed to and our greatest pointers are love, joy, compassion, health .... 

I am a magnet for Love

I am a magnet for Joy

I am a magnet for compassion

I am a magnet for health 

Inspired by Louise Hay a truly comforting voice!