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Happy Birthday Annie, Love Daddy!

Happy Birthday Annie, Love Daddy!

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Bespoke piece for Annie:

This was a lovely piece to make with Ed. He gave me a rough idea of what he was looking for and asked me to go off and create.  I said do you want to see some designs he said NO : He said if you start showing me designs I know my ego will only get in the way and try to impose itself on your creative work.  

The piece below:

Water ~ Fish with stone inlay of Israel
            and unique shaped
            Aquamarine (blue Ed's writing alias name) bezel
            set stones.
Earth ~ Maple seed with limestone inlay
           and links of Eden discovered as
           the Heart of all.
Air ~     Doves two with 18kt yellow
           gold halo’s holding CANADAMARK
           HEARTS & ARROWS Diamonds
           for your Mother and Sister.
Fire ~   the spirit, joy, and
           flames that brought
           it together.

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