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Graffiti stackers in gold

Graffiti stackers in gold

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 “Graffiti rings” ~  Could you use a word to ground in, and offer some space to:

in how often one experiences it in day to day life?  

How do I define it?  

What are it's layers?  

Can I see this in my life and the lives all around me?  

How can I invite it into my life and offer it to others more...

The graffiti stackers are fun lighthearted reminder/ investigatory rings for those times when the waves seem high, and in a split second you see the light sparkle off the ring and awareness breaks through with a smile, b r e a t h e . . .  

The stacker rings were inspired years ago after a 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreat. My first client for the stackers was my amazing sister!  

The magic is in the mess ~ Brene` Brown


 And/ Or : Graffiti Family ring stackers ~  Joyfully, randomly, spiralling letters, children's names favourite word, family initials unlimited potential to celebrate Life! The idea behind the stamping was to create more of a pattern look to the ring,  you know what it is, but from a distance it simply looked patterned. 

Artistically stamped along with a couple of birds to help it fly!!!

Available in Silver, Gold, and platinum

 *All items may not be in stock, but can be made to order and can be shipped to you in approximately 2-6 weeks. Most items are made to order just for YOU!  Please do check in though I do have quite a few items in stock and can also discuss with you a time frame if your gift needs to be created. 

T h a n k  y o u for thinking of ZEALmetal for your special occasions! 


Available to be tailored to you in white, red, yellow, green or palladium white gold, platinum, and two tone. 

For a quote in your size, width, stone size/quantity, and metal preference please contact

N i c o l e  H o r l o r



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