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Graffiti Stacker " Presence is the peace of God"

$ 525.00

Graffiti Stacker " Presence is the peace of God"

The lettering is meant to look ethereal, it is the finger pointing to the moon.  The words don’t matter, it's what they are pointing to which is formless presence. 

“Graffiti rings” ~  are fun lighthearted reminder rings for those times when the waves seem high, and in a split second you see the light sparkle off the ring and awareness breaks through with a smile, b r e a t h e . . . The idea behind the stamping was to create more of a pattern look to the ring,  you know what it is, but from a distance it simply looked patterned.  The stacker rings were inspired years ago after a 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreat. My first client for the stackers was my amazing sister!  

The magic is in the mess ~ Brene` Brown


 Graffiti ~ Family ring stackers ~  Joyfully, randomly, spiralling letters, children's names favourite word, family initials unlimited potential to celebrate Life! 

We cannot know it we can only be it… breathe…  


Price shown is estimate in size 6 14kt yellow gold
Available in Silver, Gold, and platinum


For a quote in your size, metal and possible stone choice, please contact

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