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The perfect dangle

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A little sparkle for the Holidays

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Just because

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The perfect ring to say " I DO "

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“Graffiti rings” ~  are fun lighthearted reminder rings for those times when the waves seem high, and in a split second you see the light sparkle off the ring and awareness breaks through with a smile, b r e a t h e . . .  the stacker rings were inspired years ago after a 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreat. My first client for the stackers was my amazing sister!  
The magic is in the mess ~ Brene` Brown


 Graffiti ~ Family ring stackers ~  Joyfully, randomly, spiralling letters, children's names favourite word, family initials unlimited potential to celebrate Life! The idea behind the stamping was to create more of a pattern look to the ring,  you know what it is, but from a distance it simply looked patterned. 

The perfect family piece that can be passed on, no one is left out! 

Artistically stamped along with a couple of birds to help it fly!!!

Available in Silver, Gold, and platinum
We cannot know it we can only be it… breathe…  



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