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Ever widening circle

Ever widening circle

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Ever widening circle ~ Handmade Unique one of a kind sterlings silver cuttlefish cast drops, oxidized and high polished to show there unique detailing,  a touch of yellow gold accent, on lone sterling silver shepherd hooks

approx length 38mm long

Cuttlefish bone or cuttlebone is the center bone of a squidlike mollusk. You’ve probably seen cuttlebones at your local pet store hanging in birdcages for the birds to sharpen their beaks. The chalklike material (calcium carbonate) has a thin, hard surface on one side and a soft crust on the other, making it ideal for direct casting, one of the earliest known casting processes. In direct casting, molten metal directly fills a design carved into a mold surface, producing a mirror image of the design in the finished cast object

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