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Enhancement and enjoyment of coins

Enhancement and enjoyment of coins

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Custom coin necklace and bracelet in sterling silver and gold.  Using a style of necklace I have done before and tailoring it with a larger organic link, with a thinner planished floater link, then bezelling each coin and randomly placing them within the floating links.  This works as a beautiful rounded necklace or as a lariat style and has become a wonderful heartfelt heirloom offering the joy of wearing and sharing there stories.   

The cuff bracelet was a piece that symbolically needed to intertwine the beauty of the coin but most importantly the flow of life and the openness and wonder to it's mystery.  

It was such a pleasure creating with Nora and Fiona, thank you both!

From Nora and Fiona:
We just wanted to thank you for the beauty you have created for us. We always admire the way that you take our half-imagined ideas and turn them into something simple, yet complex, and truly amazing. In different ways these pieces meant so much to us, and you have given them the life that they deserve.


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