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Day 5 ~ How can I see things in a New Way?

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How can I see things in a New Way? Day 5
Looking at seeing

Fear and Judgement
Seeing and how it is all being seen. Where does seeing happen? And is all being seen through a filter of judgement, ideas on how things should be which is all thought that has been accumulated along the way (past). Have I ever stopped to question this? One is never seeing another, one is only ever seeing them selves seeing other. There could be a million so called things passing or happening around but who is the seer? How is the seeing taking place? How is it being filtered? Who or what is this filtering?
“When the world which is seen has been removed there will be realization of the self which is the seer”. ~ Ramana Maharshi
There is so much that we don’t know but it is our own fear and judgement that get’s in the way of being introduced. The fear only breeds violence and this idea of knowing how things should be just cripples us. How open are we to see things in a New Way? Even willing to open up to the greater part of who we are and asking without words but with our hearts “How can I see this in a New Way?”