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Day 3 A year on Fire

Day 3 A year on Fire

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Day 3
A year on Fire

Unrushed, unrestricted without compare
The letting go of when ~ One saw the pictures and loved them there was such movement softness, this large fluffiness about them . Looking at the images going through them one by one aware of the playfulness and lightness of the flame inside the body, right now one can see the connection more fully. But… of course something happened and judgement reared its head, there was not as much colour in these ones and there was a feeling of dissatisfaction there, this all contained in thought. Such an interesting thing this desire of wanting it to be a particular way ( who, what, where, when).
Isn’t the openness to whatever much more gift giving. There is this awareness of everything in ones life, that compassion and love does not require a human being to be present. The very movement of life, the interaction with all things are moments to live this oneness. Taking the time to sit a little softer and smile at the connection of the chair, the cushion the floor. A smile at the coffee maker for being there to start ones day of just so. Not walking around like this giant slamming, knocking, pushing or even arguing with the very everyday things in our so called lives. I believe everything is communicating and words just seem to get in the way.

Trying to choose was extremely interesting… as you can see. The first two were so easy and fast compared to this day. One really sat with the idea who is deciding ~ it felt more like a feeling rather than a thought something that spoke to the inner aliveness felt within, but with thought peaking its way in a bit with judgements which can only arise from the past through compare.
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