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Day 2 A year on Fire

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Flame 2 of 365
A year on fire!

Mirror in behind listening to Allan Watts

Not someone I listen to but he has creeped in a couple of times.
Observing the process of a photo a day. There was a subtle decision that It would be done around 3:00 in the afternoon. Thinking usually it is done in the morning or evening wondering if this is a good time. It was just before 3:00 I was working away and the torch was on it’s cradle while work was being arranged on the soldering block. There was something there like a flip in its tail saying NOW… Okay why not now it is, This pic there is a mirror behind the flame, Allan Watts playing in the background one begins to take a couple of shots. There was a thought when one was considering when to take the photos that also there would be 5 taken and one chosen. The mind loves rules and regulations. Well needless to say more than 5 were taken. After a couple one turned the bench light off and pulled the curtain for a back drop. It was curious because it seemed that in taking the pic there was a looking for something. There was a wanting to see this flame in a particular way, this is interesting because only by using reference of the past could there be an image to be worked from or towards. Who is looking? There is a great Joy in taking these photos the flame begins to gesture in all sorts of ways. One wonders who is deciding on a particular image and why that one? Wanting it to be full of detail, colour and uniqueness, even possible imagery that one can relate to. Am I using the flame for my own pleasure or am I engaging with it feeling the Joyful play between us. The tool, the flame, the air, colour, heat, movement. Is there a sense of hurry, just to get it done and move on to the next thing? It was sitting in rest this morning one saw the whole process. Sitting in the morning for 1-2hours is the most enjoyable part of the day and the idea of disturbing this to write is interesting, but I did get up and this will be the share for today. Every moment is a moment to meet your self. #love #aware #presence #light #joy #farnearness #mystery #nostory #beauty #ignite #clear #gift #warmth #simplicity #tuning #aliveness #smile