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Copper Rutilated Quartz marquis

Copper Rutilated Quartz marquis

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Sterling silver


Mirror cut marquis copper coloured rutilated quartz bezel set stone will touch skin fromt the back when worn back of pendant planish finished. Could be worn either way it is a fabulous clear quality with sharp defined rutiles. 

Unique Rutilated quartz mirror cut marquise stones, bezel set in sterling silver, dangling on either B E medium spiral hoops or small B E hoops with gypsy set diamonds.


Copper rutilated quartz – meaning

This relatively rare type of natural crystal quartz contains tiny copper rutile needles. It can bring life energy to human life and recall the bright energy of the Sun in dark moments.

Rutile is a natural form of titanium dioxide combined with varying amounts of iron oxide. It is the iron that gives the rutile its red, golden to copper tint and provides a spectacular visual effect. Needle-like inclusions of rutile are naturally folded randomly in the crystal quartz, making each bead an unmistakable original!
It protects the purity of the soul, improves concentration, protects against negativity, it is suitable for meditation and overall increase mental strength.

Historical names of this crystal quartz include such phrases as “frozen light”, “sacred water” or “dragon essence”, as it is known in Chinese and Japanese traditions. The Buddhists called it “visible nothingness,” and the aboriginal Australians call it “fossilized light” and believed that it contains the essence of Great Spirit. In Greek tradition, it was called “pure ice”, that was according to legends shattered into thousands of pieces after Hercules dropped it from sacred mount Olympus.




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