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Birth Flower Manadala

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Birth flower mandala,
Family mandala using the birth month flower to represent each member all being lit by the same brilliant light which is within and without. This piece is done on paper on wood, black background, 23kt gold leaf centre and stars,  drawing is in platinum, 22kt gold, 18kt red gold and 18kt green gold.  
Metal point is quite subtle and does rely on light to be revealed.  From a distance this image looks like the night sky again a wide open spacious place, a deeper reminder of our true nature ever present aliveness.
Inspired by -  Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin 
To be presence, free of image making, free of judgement, seeing, hearing, knowing in the present moment, the perennial of existance .  Setting all free, freedom from the known, openness to the present, a NEW world awaits.  Not the end of doing, doing is a glorious thing but to be in the moment as it is, and fully open to the new, it is there if it is not drowned out by the old conditioned habits of thoughts, beliefs and judgements.  To be open, to bloom. 
Along with the mandala comes a tiny little book with the explanation for the inspiration for the Birth flower Mandala.  
This is a beautiful meditation/ contemplation tool to just sit and look at and to fall deeper into it's pointing.
To see a sample of the book please click the youtube link. 
Please contact to Commissions your own family mandala 
Pricing will vary, roughly starting at 600.00  9 x 12"
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