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Baroque Tahitian

$ 550.00

Baroque Tahitian black pearl pendant suspended from twisted and swirled 14kt extra white gold pendant. 

pendant approximately 23mm length x 9.6mm width.

The Polynesian legend is romantic and sees the black pearl as representing eternal love. Here, the god Oro is believed to have come down to earth to gift a black pearl oyster to humans on earth.

Baroque pearls are pearls with an irregular, non-spherical shape. Shapes can range from minor aberrations to distinctly ovoid, curved, pinched, or lumpy shapes. Most cultured freshwater pearls are baroque because freshwater pearls are mantle-tissue nucleated instead of bead nucleated.

Interestingly, the imperfections aren’t seen as flaws when it comes to baroque pearls. Rather, they are celebrated for their uniqueness. No two baroque pearls will be exactly alike and every piece of jewelry that utilizes baroque pearls showcases something different.

Baroque pearls are natural which means no two are alike. While I cannot guarantee exact replicas of the gems pictured, I can guarantee that the gem you receive will be unique to you.