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Custom Canadian handmade ~ I recieved an email one day from a lovely woman looking to have two pendants made for her beautiful unique daughters.  She had a few pieces from a passed loved one that she wanted to incorporate. We arranged to meet and go over the details, getting the history of the pieces and descriptions of her two daughters, offering a bit of direction for the design process, and I was able to collect the pieces to be used.  After our meeting designs were worked on and emailed to the client.

Working to capture the uniqueness of each daughter two pieces were chosen that I was just thrilled about.  They represent the ever present shining light ( symbol the Sun) which is placed in the centre of each piece, along with the every changing life, represented by, one a feather, and the other a wish seed.

Really happy with how they turned out and will be doing more on this theme.  Great reminders of strength and love, within the beauty and mystery of the ever changing. 

 Thank you Kathy ~ a great hug from a client at the end is perfection! 

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