Wabi-Sabi studs

Wabi-Sabi studs

Working on some little stud earrings I was going through some stones I recently purchase from a colleague Janis Kerman who has recently retired, and came across these adorable imperfect rubies.  Rubies at there best can be more expensive than diamonds.  As I was preparing the settings I was able to see the quirks of these little stones, and they just kept making me smile.  Along with the organic beauty of the little keshi pearls I recently purchase I thought they made an adorable duo.  I incorporated moonstones in another pair with the perfectly imperfect keshi pearls, to stop for just a moment and recognize that all that is seen is lit by the same light, and if we can experience  it with the senses its true aliveness is derived from this pure light of BEINGNESS.  All from the chair, the floor, the birds, the computer, the door, the cups, the plants, the bee's the stars All. As the moon is lit by the light of the sun so to are we light by the light of pure knowing, pure awareness, pure Being. 

"Wholeness does not mean perfection, it means no part left out."

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Yes. We are all a part of the wholeness and
none of us is perfect except in our imperfection. As part of the whole we are ever becoming. The keshi pearls and less than perfect rubies partnered through your creative spirit and imagination become something more complete. How beautiful!

Helen Turnbull

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