The joy and gift of freedom~

The joy and gift of freedom~

Text from Chris "Let's go to the lavender field tomorrow" 

Response ~


So off we went this morning with intentions to offer support to local business along the way ~ 

The lavender field was lovely and the freedom to go and enjoy it resounded in the heart, so many things to be so grateful for.  The joy of taking it all in and photographing was pure splendor.  

The lavender gelato was delish! We bought honey, and lavender dark chocolate.

Then we drove into Bloomfield, Chris went to Bloomfield Bicycle Co.   and picked up a couple of T-shirts for gifts.  I ran across the street to Daisies'n Dirt and met a lovely woman and purchased some beautiful plants. 

Then we hit The Bean Counter for lunch ~ good but did miss my dill pickle with my Falafel... ;)

Then we headed back to Kingston and stopped at North Roast Coffee  

And last stop was L.Martin garden centre for some amazing garden soil my tomato's are monstrous... 

It was truly a wonderful day!  

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