The beauty of handmade...

The beauty of handmade...

Working on blossom in red and white gold I was reminded of a time when I was in school and the teacher brought in a successful and talented goldsmith to speak to the class his name was Richard Booth his shop is in Yorkville Toronto.  He came in and said if your looking to get rich this is not the career for that and he was quite serious.  It is so true the time and devotion to a single piece is always a challenge to price out because lets face it to create a single piece of handmade jewellery starting from the original contact, to designs, to pricing and to more designs...  is not ideal to build an empire. The time that goes into each individual piece if divided into price per hour would be a very sad number... 

Let's hope handmade continues to be respected, and desired because I feel you end up with a true treasure and a wonderful experience.

Note from client:
Hi Nicole,
Wow, absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for sending the photos, I really love seeing the “in the making” shots. It looks like a fascinating process!
Hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer.
Take care,


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