Limestone inlay bangle by ZEALmetal, Nicole Horlor, in Kingston, ON, Canada

Special order bangles

A lovely client whom I created a three stone ring and two accent stacker rings  for many years ago contacted me to tailor a couple of my bangles.  Along with many she always struggles to find a bracelet that would acutely fit so she took things into her own hands and contacted me time to make some jingle jangle! Bangles are such a fun jewel to wear and creating your own unique stack tailored just for you offers a bolder way to show your jewel's.   She also shared with me how much she loves the rings that I made for her the three diamonds represent her three sons. 

These are the rings I made Kathy:


And these are the bracelet's Kathy has ordered:

This will be Kathy's New stack look!  


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