New jewel's to be enjoy NOW

New jewel's to be enjoy NOW

A great majority of my work is a phone call saying, I have jewel's but they need a new life so they can be enjoyed by there present owner NOW. Creating uniquely tailored jewels carrying forward some of the elements of the older jewellery, there meaning, and there brilliance which is a one- on- one jewellery experience. Starting from a conversation, to cleaning and going through each individual piece, to excavating what can be used. Then beginning the designing process all can be a fairly lengthly process. Then the work begins at the bench ...

I have quite a few of the above mentioned on the go and here is one. The ring being created will have her original engagement ring stone, and the other stone was her mothers engagement ring stone. There is more to this ring that meets the eye, and I'm sure it will be shared as it unfolds.

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