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Mothers wedding set

Re-working mother’s wedding set and a few other pieces in a new ring

Size Size 6

Using stones from rings some small diamonds and a pear shaped amethyst, incorporating two tone.

#1.  This designs in done in two rings the amethyst just on its own with a simple bezel and thing band, then stacking it with a wave shaped band with two tone yellow and white wth a bit of carving and the three diamonds gypsy set in the white gold.

#2.  If you go on by website and search storybook ring you will see more detailed images of the design of this band.  This designs is based on the storybook designs ring with the amethyst bezel set horizontally and the accent diamonds the large bezel set floating along the side and the two smaller stones gypsy set in the band.

#3.  Off setting the amethyst pear shape stone in a bezel with the larger diamond and one smaller diamond bezel set in organic wave band and the other smaller stone bezel set on the other side of the amethyst.  The band would be wider at the top and then tapering towards he sides and back of ring.

#4.  The amethyst bezel set horizontally  floating off the edge of the band, the band having carving and scattering the diamond gypsy set in the band.


#5.  Is just with the gold and diamonds there is a yellow gold leaf and a white gold leave over taping one another and the band is just a soft organic shape with a vine carved wrapping through it with the larger diamond bezel set at the top and the smaller gypsy set in the band.


#6.  Organic waves carved with white gold wave overlapping, with diamonds bezel set floating in and at the edges of the band.


Jane was considering working in her mothers Amethyst but after looking at the designs which I added a couple without the Amethyst I received this email:

both John and I like number 6 and leave the amethyst ring as it is.  All are lovely, but number 6 appeals to us the most.
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