Moms mandala

Moms mandala

Beyond the fear of life and death....  

Moms Mandala ~ Mom’s Mandala day two... and her birthday is on has been very interesting to share this with Aunt JANE... and experience making a mandala with another.

This is something Aunt Jane wants read at her own funeral and we used it as inspiration:

 May the freedom of the winds and clouds carry you on their breath to beautiful places where the ocean waves claim you as their companion and the stars from whose dust you were formed smile on you in your return to your agent home. May the song of birds welcome you with their joy, and the quiet murmur of streams invite you to enter.  May the tenderness of earth embrace you softly and the freshness of rain fall upon you with care. 

And the song she wants sung is “Born to Live”, by Anne Mortifee.  Yes, very interesting conversations 😉🦋☀️.

MANDALAS ~ It works by offering dynamic visual feedback of invisible energies and graphically teaching an alchemy in which the spiritual energies of the maker infuse sacred and healing Art.  Judith Cornell, PH.D.

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