Metalpoint workshop ~ This is not directed to artist it is an open call to ALL!

This was my first metalpoint workshop. I had a variety of coloured papers some square, some round we used nickels, pennies, copper wire, and fine silver in a stylist pencil holder. It was well received and they did some amazing work that they get to watch transform overtime as the metal oxidizes.

Deeper than a final piece and exploring new media it can also be a time to really get to know YOU!

This is not specific to artists, and not about the final piece.  It can be about meeting the present moment, watching emotional tendencies without conditioned responses, and being with what is.  These are opportunities to meet anxiety, decision making, and judgement in a whole new way which can create a healthier solid ground for our worldly duties and relationships.  

 It is about connecting to ones true nature which is joy and peace NOW! 

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