Exploring Metalpoint

Exploring Metalpoint

A little more info on the The metalpoint workshop at the Hive.

Again this is an intro to the medium of metalpoint my exploration is limited, but my means to bring you what you need to try this unique age old technique is quite obvious being a jeweller and having access, and knowledge of the materials that will be used.  I will have different types of styluses which I have made in different metals from copper, brass, fine silver, gold and platinum.  We will be learning and sharing together, and I will share with you some of the artist that inspire me,  Different grounds that I have used and recipes for others you may like to explore if this becomes a medium that lights your fire!   We will start off with a simple sample grids on white and black paper of all the metals I will have available so that you will have something to look back on to see what you are most drawn to.  All alloyed metals will tarnish and this is dependent on so many factors within your environment, platinum and 24kt gold will not tarnish they remain true to their original colours. From there we will go in and explore there potentials either in simple geometric patterns or drawing from nature such as leaves, flowers, feathers, trees, bark, stone, or anatomy such as eyes, hands etc...  I will have samples ideas to choose from or you can bring your own in if you have an idea you would like to explore.  This does require a specially prepared ground to work on so we will be working on smaller round mandala discs which I have prepared ahead of time. 



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