Mandala making ~ This is not directed to artist it is an open call to ALL!

Mandala making ~ This is not directed to artist it is an open call to ALL!

Last year I started to do some volunteer work really looking at this idea of time and it’s deep conditioning of not enough. Through volunteering I’ve had the opportunity to share an hour of art. One of the workshops that have gone very well is creating a hand Mandala. The little round card I did above (the first two pictures) was inspired by a client who Invited me to her home to do a Mandala workshop with her. Her husband came in curious and asked what does Mandala mean? Its expression is going beyond language, that’s what Art does for us, but the meaning can also be a good starting point so the little card was born. Thank you! I’ve also been taking some therapeutic art courses and can see the great healing tool Art can be.

This is not specific to artists, and not about the final piece.  It can be about meeting the present moment, watching emotional tendencies without conditioned responses, and being with what is.  These are opportunities to meet anxiety, decision making, and judgement in a whole new way which can create a healthier solid ground for our worldly duties and relationships.

It is about connecting to ones true nature which is joy and peace NOW! 

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