Little Tiny Books over flowing

Little Tiny Books over flowing

When I was to visit my Aunt Jane in Victoria, she kindly set me up in her spare room.  In the room, on a bedside table, just beside the light where these two little tiny books showing above in picture ("inspiration with arrow.")  I fell in l o v e,  My Aunt Jane is a Sister who devoted a great deal of her life to working with The First Nations.

She has a beautiful apartment in Victoria, that when on occasion she becomes host for Sisters visiting Victoria.  A couple of Sisters from Japan came to stay with her, and they made her these two books.  Some time later after coming home the two above books were found in my mailbox.  I cannot tell you just how much I love these little tiny books, I mentioned to her that I was going to try and make some with my photos, she is my inspiration!  

The above is my first attempt at the little tiny book, and this book is to accompany the Birth Flower Mandala drawing I have done.  It is to explain the inspiration in creating the drawing.  I have actually printed the book on sparkly paper and it is going to be a tiny little magical book!  Will show the completed book soon! 





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