Getting inspired

Getting inspired

Morning walks at Lemoine Point have stated to inspire some new pieces. The New line is called "Sticks and Stones.  Random found organic objects are being incorporated to wearable art.  The first was a pair of earrings using a piece of drift wood found along the shore in a pair of earrings.  The next is a necklace with a pebble one saw and picked up the detail in it caught the eye for some reason and I have kept it in the studio.  Well this became the next piece and was incorporated with some of the drift wood too. 

I don't go out looking for object it's really quite random to bend down and pick a piece up. 

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The robins eggs shell I have had for some time. the bark I walked past and something pulled me back, and I picked it up.  The wood branch came from a similar tree across from a tree I just love.  It's along the waters edge and the trunk is full of holes and one thinks how does it survive, you look up and see the rich green needles covering the top of it in amazement.  I have seen this tree for years and often stop just to stare at it. 

How beautiful right! 

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