cortisone injections

cortisone injections

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I have been having a little difficulty with my elbows and then in the winter time I fell on the ice and created a tear in my shoulder... I had some X-rays and ultrasounds done and well tendinopathy, tendinosis, epicondylitis... So I asked my wonderful doctor what can I do, and the good news was that some of the injury from the repetitive action of my work is repairable along with using a little support, physio and cortisone injections the creation continues!  Had my first shot on Friday and well that night was rough It was quite uncomfortable along with thoughts of not being able to use my arms it was a little rattling but then in the morning the pain had lessened and now all feels pretty good.  Grateful to be at my bench and looking forward to more productivity! 

Side note: The Doctor that gave me the cortisone shots Dr. Shelenburg asked if I new anyone that did Kintsugi - the art of Gold joinery. She shared a wonderful story with me about her travels and her treasures and mishaps... I was fascinated and went on a search, this is something I will definitely try doing myself too.  

I was able to find

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