Can you help me?

Can you help me?

Brenda contacted me with a request of a new ring. She had lost the stone in her  original Birks engagement ring and has been wanting to get a new ring re-made and the time is NOW.  

Brenda new someone (Emily) who had her wedding set made by me and she liked the design and flush settings so she contacted me.  Wanting a single band, rounded edges with 3 gypsy set stones, and the re-make begins:

1. rings,                                       2.melted,                                                                      3./4.begin forging,                           5. rolling which continued through many stages due to the nature of the material 14kt white gold, one has to work in small increments with consistent annealing.  I left the top approx. 1.8 thickness and step rolled sides and back of ring to 1.5mm with an approximate width of 4mm.  As it is now the ring is a size sm 6 I will have to add more metal to size the ring to 7. Once it is completed I would like to come and have you try it on before we put the stones in.

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