A thoughtful email...and a great CLIQ band review.

A thoughtful email...and a great CLIQ band review.

I opened my email to discover this:

Hi Nicole

I wanted you to know how absolutely happy I am with the new ring. I love the look, and 
the Cliq band is totally comfortable. 
 I hadn’t realized before how all my other rings have been an awkward size - good for the knuckle but wrong for the finger! It is quite easy to open and close, which is important now that I’m drumming again.

Thank you for persevering with me.
Hope all is well with you and yours,
Peace and love,
This is the hinged CLIQ band she is referring too, which is the perfect solution for our changing hands.      It is definitely the time to enjoy our beautiful jewels and not send them to a dusty jewellery box jail...  The CLIQ band can be tailored to work with your precious rings to keep you sparkling they come in a wide range of widths to suite many styles of rings. The CLIC band is not just for women either because men also face this challenge of changing hands I have tailored this for men's bands too with the ZEALmetal style. 
Thank you for this lovely email and the great review of the CLIQ band. 
P.S. Drumming hmmmm need more info ;)!
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