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Eternal Nature

$ 195.00

Eternal nature ~ sterling silver mobius leaf shape, with roller printed texture, movement within the ever present. 

Available on 30", 24", 22" 18" stretch box link


Available in gold, platinum, and two tone. 

For a quote in your size and metal choice please contact

N i c o l e  H o r l o r


This fascinating shape expresses Transformation.  

 The Mobius strip represents a willingness to move WITH the constantly changing cycles in our Life process, transforming our challenges into useful solutions. The Mobius Strip reveals planetary transformation,as well. Historically, there has always been Earth 

changes,i.e. natural re-structuring of land and ocean masses, tide changes, weather changes, seasonal changes, etc. The Mobius Strip shape is symbolic of eternal change within stillness itself.

The Mobius Strip is an expression of non-duality. It reveals the Unity of all polarities, creating a state of Oneness, joining the whole and the part, the masculine and the feminine, expansion and contraction, spirit and matter, etc. Everything is One and nothing can be separated from anything else. All is completely intertwined, infinitely. The Mobius Strip is a spiritually significant symbol of balance and union. (Yoga=Union) The Buddhist philosophy of Tantrism also is expressed by the Mobius Strip shape. "Tantra" is continuity; the word derived from the root 'tan', meaning to extend... extend continuously, to flow, to weave. The continuum is descriptive of the Nature of Reality, by contemporary physicist David Bohm..."a single unbroken wholeness in flowing movement."