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Gentle nudge for Valentine's day ...

Gentle nudge for Valentine's day ...

Celebrating All shapes and sizes...

Diamonds come in a full range of shapes and sizes that are all unique and beautiful in there own way.  Stud's, rings, bracelet's, necklaces what shapes speak to you?  Mix... Read More
Diamonds of all shapes and sizes
Canadian Handmade Custom, One of kind jewellery in gold, platinum, diamond, pearl, sapphire, Canadian diamonds, rubies, precious stone, semi-precious stone in Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto, Ontario, British Columbia, US, New York, California, L.A.

Graffiti w a v e ~

      "New" Graffiti wave rings with oval birthstone, or just a stone that makes you smile, wave stackers.  Wear them waved close together, or open with a little space. ... Read More